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RF generator, one of twenty high voltage radio frequency generators of this type to be built in the instrument shop. It operates over a frequency range from 0.4 - 1.5 Mega Hertz at an amplitude of 1,200 volts peak to peak. It is used to drive ion focusing optics in experimental mass spectrometers. These generators are a modified version of a design from the University of Utah.

The Electronic Instrument Services (EIS) group provides instrumentation expertise to the Chemistry Department. A wide variety of services are available and include: design, consultation, fabrication, modification, construction, and repair services of chemical and electronic instrumentation. The EIS group consists of two electronics design engineers, and a technician. The EIS group has developed considerable expertise in analog signal systems, chemical transducers, light-path apparatus (IR, VIS, UV), optoelectronic transducers, DC to subnanosecond signal conditioning, high-voltage systems and pulsers, electrochemical instrumentation, temperature control, chromatography detectors, and analog and signal conditioning electronics.

Adjacent to the large room housing most of the construction and test equipment, there is a Student Electronics Shop. Individual instruction and bench space are available to students and researchers who are interested in designing, building, or repairing their own equipment. A comprehensive collection of electronic components and specification sheets are available to aid researchers in their own projects. Short-term loans of test equipment are encouraged to allow researchers investigation of different ideas.

Other facilities associated with Electronic Instrument Services include: Manager's Office, A410; Fabrication Area, A420; Student Shop, A409.


Labor Rates are:

$25 minimum (includes 2 hours of labor)

$13.50/ hour for labor in excess of 2 hours
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